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Thriving together through meaningful work, personal development, feminism, and community.

About The Bullish Society

What is The Bullish Society?

The members-only site for GetBullish, home of feminist career badasses and the annual Bullish Conference. 

Come here for fun, friendship, no-BS personal development talk, and career and business conversations and collaboration. 

$9.99/month gets you everything: a supportive community with on-the-spot advice, live chats on topics important to you, helpful but achievable challenges, and more. 

Come on in!

Who is the Bullish Society for?

Anyone, anywhere in the world who wants to Get Bullish about their career and life, while making the working world better for others

Some of us are free agents or entrepreneurs, while most of us have a more traditional daily grind.

Those of all fields and experience levels are welcome.

The Bullish Society is home to marketing managers, interns, park rangers, librarians, writers, designers, educators, artists, event planners, scientists, whiskey makers, creators, tech people, students, aspiring retirees, and strivers of all kinds.

We're interested in personal development and career advancement without being unethical (or macho) about it, and purposefully designing our lives outside of work.

Networking and Friendships

  • A supportive, close-knit environment for thriving together
  • Crowdsource advice and stories from members in diverse industries. Socializing within your own field can feel like an echo chamber – diverse viewpoints can help us break out of the mold and gain perspective
  • Enjot our free 70 min "Turn a Networking Contact Into a Real Relationship" minicourse
  • LGBT+ friendly, socially progressive environment  

Workday Motivation and Challenges

  • Get the motivation and support you need for personal and career success without the distraction of social media
  • Co-hosted by professional Accountability Coach Claire O'Connor – check in with her on Sunday with your goals for the week, and stay on track together
  • Join us for inspiring and focused 1-2-week Challenges. Previous challenges have included "Track Your Time", " Learn to Pitch", "Catching Up on Your Projects". These challenges are designed to help you boost your career success and well-being in a low-key, achievable way.
  • Bullish Society members can take advantage of free downloads and goodies like our 167-page ebook #BullicornHacks and monthly "Tips from a Coach" PDF downloads from accountability coach Claire.

We can't wait to meet you